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What is a Viewer Bot?

A viewer bot is a computer program or script that artificially inflates the viewer count on a streaming platform, such as Twitch, by mimicking the behavior of a real viewer. The benefit of using a viewer bot is that it can make a channel appear more popular than it actually is, in order to attract more real viewers.

Key Features to look for

Most Viewer Bot sites don't only provide this service, so what other important tools should you look for when purchasing a View Bot?

Your privacy & how its protected

It's not enough to have data, you also need to have the right tools to manage it day-to-day.

Data Analytics

Analytics are important, especially when considering you'll be purchasing artificial viewers, tracking real growth is incredibly crucial.

Service Stability & Reliability

When purchasing a Viewer Bot a large aspect to consider is service stability, you don't want to be using a subpar service fluctuating from 10 to 100 viewers constantly!

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Our approach


Customer Service

Customer service is arguably the crux of any business. We'll thoroughly test every sites availability!


Viewer Bot Performance & Stability

We'll conduct a 24 hour test measuring VIewer Bot stability, and reliability.


Additional Features

We deep dive into all features offered by every service we review and inspect all offerings.


Usability & Control

How is a service to operate and use on a functional level? We are here to find out.

What are the benefits of a Viewer Bot?

A viewer bot is a tool which artificially inflates the number of viewers on a live stream. The primary benefit of using a viewer bot is that it can make a stream appear more popular than it actually is, which can attract more real viewers to a stream. This can lead to increased exposure and potentially more income you as a streamer.

Attract a larger audience
Increased channel growth
Realistic Channel Views
Gain more real followers
Achieve partner faster
Donation & Subscriber insights

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